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Note that I've not had any time to spend on these applications for some time now. The source has all been published on sourceforge so that anyone can make any modifications they may want. If you'd like commit access just drop me an email.

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An NNTP newsfetcher for RISC OS. Works in conjunction with Newsbase and Messenger, and provides features like non-blocking dns and kill files.
Also works with Pluto.
More about NewsHound


A recursive web page fetcher (or 'offline web browser') for RISC OS.
More about WebGet


A POP3 mail fetch / SMTP sender for RISC OS that I maintain, originally written by Tony Houghton. Works in conjunction with Newsbase and Messenger. It mains advantages are it's small and fast.
Also works with Pluto.
More about POPstar


A simple daytime client. You just run it, and it will set your computer's clock to the correct time, read from an internet time server.


This is a small 'TimeServer' module, in some ways, a complimentary application to FreeTime.
It runs continuously on your computer, and responds to time requests on the udp time port. In combination with FreeTime, you can synchronise a whole network of computers against one 'master' one running this module.


A ChatServ that allows one to one communication with people over the internet. You run it continuously on your computer, and people connect to it when they want to talk to you.


I enhanced the ka9q version of qedit, written by David Croft to support some of the more current RISC OS fetchers - including NewsHound, FreeNews, FreeSMTP, POPstar, ANT and Termite.

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