POPstar is a mail transport which uses the POP3 protocol to fetch mail and SMTP to send it. Its design is simple and (hopefully) robust, and it outperforms the only previously available freeware RISC OS POP client, !POP by a considerable margin.


POPstar requires RISC OS 3.1 or later.

An Internet stack and associated modules is required, either Acorn's (I don't know of anyhwere this can be downloaded since the demise of Acorn) or FreeNet. ANT's Resolver, also available from Acorn's browser support site (or this), is recommended.

To read news and mail you will need the Newsbase news/mail database and a reader, either Messenger or TTFN.

To read POPstar's manual you will need StrongHelp.

For logging you require Jon Ribbens' SysLog. Do not confuse this version with Stewart Brodie's utility of the same name.

A complete suite including some of the above essentials is available as Acornet.

The commercial news/mail reader Pluto has now been upgraded to support POPstar, and although I've not tried it myself, I've been told that this works well.


POPstar was originally developed by Tony Houghton, and is now maintained by Joseph Heenan.

Downloading and latest version information

The current version of POPstar is V2.05, and is also available from my download page.
The V2.05 source code and supporting wimp library source code are also available there.


POPstar is distributed as "giftware". This is similar to freeware but you are encouraged (not obliged, unlike shareware) to send one of the authors approximately £5 if you think it's worth it. Your money goes towards encouraging future support and development of this and other programs.


Version 0.58k of Qedit, including support for POPstar, is now available from my download page.

Please send comments about POPstar to joseph@heenan.me.uk

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Joseph Heenan, joseph@heenan.me.uk