WebGet is a recursive web fetcher for RISC OS - sometimes referred to as an "offline browser" for web sites.

Basically, you give WebGet a URL and it will go away and download that web page and associated images and can then follow links and fetch further pages; which pages and images it fetches are all configured by the user.


WebGet requires RISC OS 3.1 or later, with a setup internet stack and a web browser.

WebGet currently uses raFS to store the web pages it downloads.
If you don't already have this, you can get it from Richard Atterer's downloads page.


The current version is WebGet 0.18, which is also available from my downloads page.

If you don't already have it, you'll also need raFS, available here (V1.15), or from the author's homepage.

Please read the documentation inside the archive for the full licence information - note that beta releases should not be redistributed without my permission.


WebGet is distributed as "giftware". This is similar to freeware but you are encouraged (not obliged, unlike shareware) to send the author approximately £5 if you think it's worth it. Your money goes towards encouraging future support and development of this and other RISC OS software.

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Joseph Heenan, joseph@heenan.me.uk