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The following applications are available to skycontrol purchasers.

The source code for all applications is included - between all the below, there's example code in C (linux and Windows), C# and Visual Basic. Any programmer would find it very simple to work from the supplied source code to develop their own application.

Windows interactive application

A Windows application that directly mimicks the sky+ remote control. Just run it and click on the remote control buttons to control your sky+ box conveniently from your PC.

There is a drop down menu that can be used to select the appropriate controller type, Sky box type and COM port. To change any of this or add/remove entries, open C:\Program Files\Dusky Control\Sky Controller App\data\controllers.xml in a text editor.


Language: C# (source is installed to c:\Program Files\Dusky Control\)

Supported controllers: All

Control sky/sky+ over the internet

Software to allow you to control a sky or sky+ box using a web browser anywhere on the internet.


Language: perl CGI

Requirements: PC to host web server, 'always-on' internet connection, TV card for PC

Supported controllers: All

Command line tools

Software to allow you to control a sky or sky+ box from the command line.

Useful for easy integration into third party software that supports 'external channel change commands', for example mythtv.


Language: C

Supported controllers: USB and Serial

Snapstream 'Beyond TV'

Software to allow you to integrate a sky or sky+ box in BeyondTV.


Supported controllers: USB

Crestron Module

A module to enable easy integration of the serial Sky controllers with the Crestron home automation range.

Platforms: Creston

Supported controllers: Serial controllers upto 10 outputs

Download now (last updated 2013-07-01)

Crestron Feedback Module

Attend2IT have developed a Crestron module which can be used along with our controllers to allow easy integration of the Sky box feedback ('Gnome protocol') into Crestron systems.

Platforms: Creston

Module can be purchased from Attend2IT

Control4 driver

A module to enable easy integration of the serial Sky controllers with the Control4 home automation range. The driver includes feedback support (via the Sky box's RS232 port) and a number of advanced features.

Platforms: Control4

Supported controllers: All serial controllers

Driver can be purchased from Extra Vegetables

Charmed Quark

A module to enable easy integration of the serial sky controls with the CQC home automation software. This driver is maintained by the charmed quark community.

Platforms: Charmed Quark

Supported controllers: Dual output Serial controllers

Download now


Touch And Go is a Windows program designed for children with special needs.

One of the screens is designed to allow the users to easily change TV channels using our USB controllers.

More information on the touch-and-go.org website.

Supported controllers: USB

HomeSeer plugin

A plugin to allow our controllers to be used with the HomeSeer home automation controller is available from the HomeSeer store:

HomeSeer store.

Platforms: HomeSeer

Supported controllers: Serial