About me

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Well, I'm Joseph Heenan.
When I wrote this, I was a computer systems engineering student at Warwick University, just coming to the end of my final year (finishing June 1999) - having just spent a year out working for GPT (now Marconi Communications).
For my sins, I now know an obscene amount about RISC OS, TCP/IP, sockets, linux, Solaris, unix admin & networking in general, C, C++, BASIC(!), Java, OPL/EPOC (Psion series 3), HTML, HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, DNS, telnet, JavaScript, Bourne shell, 8051 / Philips' XA, PHDL / Coolrunner CPLDs, PCB design and I've also had the pleasure of dabbling in Sybase SQL, and the not so pleasureful experience of pottering around in VMS with some Pascal. I've also had the misfortune of spending far too much time using Windows, MS-DOS and MS-Office.

For those who are interested, my birthday is the 22nd of February. :-)

What have I done with my life?

Well, I spent seven years at Bablake school, where I did a huge variety of things. One of the most fun things I did was help running Bablake Weather Station, where I learn far more than any sane person wants to know about weather recording and forecasting. Bablake also did me the huge favour of introducing me to Acorn RISC OS computers (having been a long standing BBC fan), which I've used ever since for a variety of things, including helping running the network there!

I spent a lot of my years at Bablake writing software for the weather station, but after starting University took a step up and released my first bit of freeware, NewsHound, which appeared on an Acorn User cover disc in April '97, along with FreeTime.

After that, I went on and wrote a few other bits that you can read about on this page if you're really interested. I've also written a few reviews for Acorn User and short introduction to programming internet applications for RISC User.

In my free time (a somewhat laughable term these days), I like reading (especially Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov and so on), cycling (weather allowing) and listening to music (The Corrs, Sheryl Crow, Queen, Crowded House, Genesis, Shadows and anything else of that general nature).

If you wish, goto the inevitable photo collection.


Joseph Heenan, joseph@heenan.me.uk